Cortex, the student association for students of psychology at the University of Tampere, wish all students welcome to Tampere to the ESN Conference by arranging home hospitality accommodation and an evening event for students only. Both these are outside the official programme of the conference.

Home hospitality accommodation for students

Cortex, the student association for students of psychology at the University of Tampere, offers accommodation for students attending the conference. The accommodations will be hosted by our students around the city, so this is a perfect chance to combine cost-effective lodging with an opportunity to meet local psychology students. Due to limited number of hosts we won’t be able to guarantee accommodation for everyone, so to ensure your place be sure to follow this website as more information becomes available. The student accommodation includes only the congress days from 9th to 11th September. If you need accommodation for extra days, please, contact our housing correspondent by e-mail.

The sign-in for student accommodation has started! If you are interested in this form of accommodation please fill out the form.

We are not able to host everyone so early bird gets the worm. We will get back to you as soon as we have a certainty of the host. For any further questions please do not hesitate to ask and contact our housing correspondent via e-mail: [email protected].

An evening party for students

Thursday 10 September

Cortex, the student association for students of psychology at the University of Tampere, welcomes students to join our own sauna evening party on Thursday, September 10th. The party will be held in the historical Finlayson factory area at Media 54’s sauna, which is located in the fifth floor of the building (follow the guide signs from the entrance at Satakunnankatu). Sauna evening is a traditional form of Finnish student party where students gather together to eat, drink and have fun together. As the name suggests, people will also have the opportunity to enjoy the heat of a Finnish sauna, which will be warm through the evening (if you want to try the sauna, please bring your own towel and swimsuit). Snacks and beverages will be available, but you can also bring your own drinks if you like.

Make sure you don’t miss this party and fill out this form to join us:

Where: Media 54, Satakunnankatu 18 A, 5th floor
When: Thursday September 10th, from 6pm to midnight

Contact person for any issues about evening party: Noora Welling, [email protected]

Special programme for students

  • Professors Roy Kessels and Guy Vingerhoets will organize a workshop addressed particularly to students. The workshop will be held on Thursday 10 September during the morning session and it is titled ”Publishing and Reviewing in Neuropsychology”. They will take a closer look at the academic review process. The issue of selecting an appropriate journal for your manuscript will be discussed as well as how to deal with the publication stress.
  • International Neuropsychological Society (ISN) will organize a symposium titled ”Neuropsychological education and training around the world: A call for a global competency framework”. The symposium will be held on Friday 11 September during the morning session. Students are mostly welcome to join the symposia and get an overview of the state of neuropsychological education in different countries.