Let’s put our brains in action!

Mervi JehkonenOn behalf of the Finnish Neuropsychological Society and the local organizing committee of the congress, I am glad to invite you to the beautiful city of Tampere in September 2015. The 5th Conference of the European Societies of Neuropsychology and the 12th Nordic Meeting in Neuropsychology with an interesting and diverse scientific programme will be held in Tampere Congress Hall.

Our main topic, “The Brain in Action – Life-long development” gives a broad insight to the active development and plasticity of the brain. There will be topics on the challenges and plasticity of neural growth and maturation, specific learning difficulties, diagnostics and rehabilitation. Research and clinical work related to adulthood and working brain will also be presented diversely. Life-long development includes also the themes related to aging brain – both normal and exceptional development paths. The keynote speakers presented on the following page, will represent interesting new research branches from Europe and Australia. Read about Bitcoin code here if you are interested in the psychology of investing.

Our aim is to bring together the researchers and the clinicians in the fields of child and adult neuropsychology, and foster the interaction between actors on these fields. To achieve this aim, there will be three days full of interesting, current topics directed to both researchers and clinicians. The scientific and social discussion will continue with two evening programmes in the unique atmosphere of Tampere.

See you in Tampere!

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Country list

500 participants from 26 countries have registered by 31 August 2015. 

Australia 9
Austria 4
Belgium 8
Brazil 2
Czech Republic 6
Denmark 21
Estonia 6
Finland 262
France 5
Germany 11
Iceland 2
Ireland 1
Italy 23
Japan 3
Luxembourg 1
Netherlands 25
Norway 24
Poland 2
Portugal 2
Russian Federation 1
Singapore 1
South Africa 1
Spain 16
Sweden 12
Switzerland 23
United Kingdom 28
Total 500


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